Ludovic Légat



Soon after completing higher education, I was inspired to do what was always my passion: to travel. I began to realize that my future could not be restricted to Belgium, with such a big world to explore. My first contact with Portugal made me stay for 5 years, I simply felt in love with this country.

After working in ​​audiovisual productions and events for a few years I knew very well the characteristics of the Portuguese people and culture. It was time to cross the Atlantic and a new phase began in Brazil, I joined the tourism area in a Brazilian-Dutch DMC, where I had to create, organize and coordinate trips and tours through Brazil.

When I returned to Belgium, I already had a lot of professional knowledge in my luggage, but now i achieved my greatest accomplishment, the unique experience of being father of three beautiful sons. With this return, I was able to perfect my entrepreneurship and business vision. So…, once ready, it was about time to invest in my own business and Viamundo Travel & Events was born. I believe that this dream brings together all the best I have to offer.